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Importance of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have long been part of people’s daily lives. To get an idea of ​​the extent of reach: Facebook announced last Tuesday, June 27, 2017, the mark of 2 billion active users.

The importance of social networks is undeniable: they are increasingly present in the lives of people of different ages, genders, classes and nationalities. Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook itself has the largest share of users. Even so, every day new social networks come up with a new potential for success.

Social Networks

Popular wisdom states that social networks (and the internet, as a whole) draw people who are far away and alienate those who are close. According to researchers from the University College US, it is not so. The study shows that the use of networks has significant differences according to local culture.

Critics also question the importance of social networks in the lives of children and adolescents. They claim that they are very disturbing because they cause great distractions in the students. But networks have also become a key part of education. The sharing of quality content has become a primordial element for companies and opinion makers.

– “And there is the concern of writing correctly, not to become the subject of jokes. So they use spell checkers or turn to Google to see if a word is right, “says anthropologist Julian Spyer, a doctoral student at University College London.

The excess stimuli generated by networks exist and cannot be ignored. But if used with attention, they are great tools for different purposes, such as making a date with friends, formal or informal conversations with people around the world, networking, getting a job and, as said before, for a lot of learning.

Importance of Social Networking for Business

The importance of social networking for businesses is also increasingly evident. With so many people willing to spend some of their time visiting the most interesting profiles, companies gain new business opportunities.

Conquering and engaging people to interact with a brand may not be easy, but it does increase the range of possibilities for organizations. Clients already provide their information on the network registrations. Using this data, companies can better understand their audience, lower marketing expenses, and generate spontaneous media (that is, other people can share interesting content from brands without receiving anything for it).

As the price to keep a profile or even advertise on the networks is low, small businesses gain space and local businesses gain more importance.

The world of social networking is broad and increasingly complex. Texts, articles, and courses discuss ways to use networks in different ways.

Tips to prevent Data Breaching

It is a fact that the data transfer in the cloud grows more and more, even more within the companies that identify this form of information sharing as a great advantage for them. However, this large increase in migration brings with it many unintended possibilities, such as the security of this data transfer. Visit to know more about the benefits of the services provided by cloud computing.

Because they do not think about it, it often happens for some companies that use public data clouds to be affected by data loss and penalized by it. According to Ponemon Institute’s recent study of the Cost of Data Breach, each lost or stolen customer record now costs approximately $ 201 for the organization.

So you have to be aware of security and so we’ll give you 3 great tips to help you with that.

Know your Network:

It is necessary to go beyond considerations in this area, you have to analyze what forms your employees use to exchange data, because in many cases they do not use only the company’s data cloud. You need to understand how employees use the network and how those files are shared, so you can have an idea of ​​the data vulnerability and can fix it in time. Knowledge is everything!

Encrypt your Information:

No matter the size of the company, small, medium or large, anyone is subject to data breach. This is why it is important to encrypt the data, so that in case of an invasion, encryption helps to prevent the leakage of client data. It is also important to put password at all at the time of external transfer. Maximize data protection, security is never too much.

Authenticate Users:

It is imperative that each person who accesses the data has a unique identification. In this way, the information will only be released to authorized persons, at the authorized time and in the authorized amount. This is one of the mandatory data security tips.

With these tips, it becomes possible to transfer data safely and with less chances of invasion. Many large and mid-sized companies run their own e-mail systems, this includes mail servers, internal routing servers, client access servers, mailbox storage, email filtering, public folders and archiving when needed. This involves investing in technological devices that guarantee the efficiency of the e-mail service, in addition to the cost with professionals to manage this scenario.

Basic Digital Marketing Rules

Digital marketing encompasses actions carried out on the internet to promote companies and products, with the objective of increasing market share and generating sales. In US we surpass 100 million internets in 2013. The best known elements are website development, search engine optimization (SEO, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), Google-sponsored campaigns (Adwords), campaigns on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), email marketing, sponsorships in blogs and digital media and e-commerce through virtual stores. In order to get the most profitable marketing results, you can get in touch with best internet marketing in Singapore.

There are even bolder strategies, such as mobile app development (iphone and Android), spreadsheet sharing and affiliate networks. Regardless of actions, it is essential to generate quality content, sharing business knowledge, showing what your company is capable of doing for customers. To implement these actions requires a team composed of professionals with distinct knowledge, and a synchronized and constant work, which can be an internal department of digital marketing or a professional digital agency. For more information, you can contact good at ecommerce website design.

Regardless of the path chosen, the entrepreneur or the marketing and commercial leaders must know the basics, to follow the results and direct the investment decisions. The volume of investment makes a difference, but does not mean that it is proportional to performance.

What the entrepreneur must know to make the investment decisions in digital marketing:

The Website of Your Company is still the Central, most Important Point

According to surveys conducted in the United States, 72% of business-to-business starts by consulting the company’s website. All of the digital marketing actions will lead to the website, and even sharing a business card at a trade show will lead to a search on your site. Take your behavior as a consumer and entrepreneur as an example, and reflect on how well a good website has helped you in making a supplier decision. So start at the beginning.

Share Knowledge, Generate Content (Articles, Blog, Website)

Write about your experience and added knowledge. We are not talking about telling your secret formulas, but about generating relevant information, the ones you would tell any other businessman, or talk about in business negotiations.

For each segment there are actions that generate more result. There are so many possible actions, where should I start? Where should I focus my investments? This question is very common to entrepreneurs, and makes sense. For example, sales through Facebook make more sense to retailers than industries. E-commerce has more result for companies with niche products, or exclusive. Email marketing has more result for impulse purchases. Before investing, encourage your digital marketing agency or your marketing department to come up with arguments to defend your chosen paths.