Basic Digital Marketing Rules

Digital marketing encompasses actions carried out on the internet to promote companies and products, with the objective of increasing market share and generating sales. In US we surpass 100 million internets in 2013. The best known elements are website development, search engine optimization (SEO, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), Google-sponsored campaigns (Adwords), campaigns on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), email marketing, sponsorships in blogs and digital media and e-commerce through virtual stores. In order to get the most profitable marketing results, you can get in touch with best internet marketing in Singapore.

There are even bolder strategies, such as mobile app development (iphone and Android), spreadsheet sharing and affiliate networks. Regardless of actions, it is essential to generate quality content, sharing business knowledge, showing what your company is capable of doing for customers. To implement these actions requires a team composed of professionals with distinct knowledge, and a synchronized and constant work, which can be an internal department of digital marketing or a professional digital agency. For more information, you can contact good at ecommerce website design.

Regardless of the path chosen, the entrepreneur or the marketing and commercial leaders must know the basics, to follow the results and direct the investment decisions. The volume of investment makes a difference, but does not mean that it is proportional to performance.

What the entrepreneur must know to make the investment decisions in digital marketing:

The Website of Your Company is still the Central, most Important Point

According to surveys conducted in the United States, 72% of business-to-business starts by consulting the company’s website. All of the digital marketing actions will lead to the website, and even sharing a business card at a trade show will lead to a search on your site. Take your behavior as a consumer and entrepreneur as an example, and reflect on how well a good website has helped you in making a supplier decision. So start at the beginning.

Share Knowledge, Generate Content (Articles, Blog, Website)

Write about your experience and added knowledge. We are not talking about telling your secret formulas, but about generating relevant information, the ones you would tell any other businessman, or talk about in business negotiations.

For each segment there are actions that generate more result. There are so many possible actions, where should I start? Where should I focus my investments? This question is very common to entrepreneurs, and makes sense. For example, sales through Facebook make more sense to retailers than industries. E-commerce has more result for companies with niche products, or exclusive. Email marketing has more result for impulse purchases. Before investing, encourage your digital marketing agency or your marketing department to come up with arguments to defend your chosen paths.

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