5 Leading Digital Marketing Blogs Every Beginner Must Know

The online space is a world of diversified media, presenting different opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs to become digital marketers. Online advertising or marketing has etched itself into the public outreach strategies the companies, ranging from the newest startup and the small business to the fortune 100 and the nonprofit sector, use to reach their respective clients or customers.

But why the transition to online business? It is because today’s tech-savvy consumers rely on search engines to find and shop for goods and services. They also will share their experiences on social media networks. Companies and organizations rely on the same platforms to connect with current and new customers or clients. Hence, a robust online advertising strategy can have exceptional ROIs, makings premium digital marketing blogs and other social media outlets an information and advice resource that people need.

If search engine optimization , search engine marketing, and social media marketing, are relatively new concepts to you, you might find the diverse content on the subject a bit overwhelming. Numerous digital marketing blogs are sharing their perspectives on this dramatically changing industry, highlighting some of the top practices that can result in instant change. The internet is a commerce and communication nerve center. But with the flurry of material available, sifting through the information to find what works best for your business can be tough.

Digital marketing blogs will prove resourceful as you start researching how to advertise on social media and optimize your site for Google, which should be mobile-friendly oriented. Below are select blogs presented by acclaimed industry thought leaders that offer top-rated tips, guidance, and consultation.


(1). Buffer Social: Insights on social media and online advertising

It is among the highly respected and known blogs in the social media marketing world. Buffer Socials uses an engaging and understandable style to share comprehensive insight on what’s trending. The Social Media Examiner ranked it at #1 for 2016 since the blog consistently churns out outstanding content and practical advice the average and seasoned user can leverage. Buffer Social is a product on an innovative team that also gave us one of the most used social media management tools.


(2). Search Engine Land:  Get the latest news about SEO, SEM & Search Engines

Search Engine Land is run by a leading-edge editorial team that provides digital marketing advice and highlights trending practices that are at the forefront of the SEO industry. News regarding search engine optimization and marketing breaks fast, at a dumbfounding pace, and having a significant volume of information that can be hard to keep up with, but this publication makes it look like child’s play. You will be abreast with every crucial change in SEO ranking calculation or get google algorithm updates, all delivered in a user-friendly new hub. Sign up for their digital marketing newsletters that are a must-read news provider.


(3). Content Marketing Institute:                A digital marketing blog that tells a story

It is more of an education-focused blog operated by search engine marketing industry influencers. It has one of the highest numbers of fans and online subscribers. The blog is credited with coining the term “content marketing” that describes the storytelling approach for digital marketing. It still is a leader and the definitive authority on the subject. They do comprehensive research on challenging advertising topics, cultivating them into digestible news articles for the average user. Content Marketing Institute also has consulting programs, digital events, and an impressive online magazine.


(4). Hubspot:      A dose of inbound online marketing news

The blog is one of the best digital marketing news and analysis resources that any business can use. It splits its content into three categories – sales, marketing, and agency. Hubspot shares a bounty of insightful materials, having an immense volume that sets the pace for inbound advertising content. You should consider adding Hubspot to your RSS feed if you market or sell to other businesses.


(5).  The Content Strategist:      Content marketing news devoid of clutter

The blog has one of the best writing styles covering vast digital marketing topics, presenting them in a beautifully designed interface. You will find content devoid of the advertising noise found on most online news outlets. Therefore, Content Strategist is a blog that offers a delightful browsing experience the modern user that relishes minimalism will surely love. You will find an interesting daily read that offers top-notch content marketing analysis and digital outreach information, tips on top online business practices, and various non-advertising related subjects.


Shrinking APKs, growing installs

Since the dispatch of Android Marketplace in March 2012, the forerunner to Google Play, the ordinary software length has quintupled. As the transportable utility space has advanced after a few time, engineers have added new highlights to serve and pull in clients, which has profited many. Be that as it may, as an expanding wide variety of highlights are delivered to applications — more SDKs, better goals pictures, and better designs — the bigger APK sizes become. In this article I talk approximately the essentialness of APK estimate and observe outcomes in UX considers led by way of Google within the course of latest years.

Understanding that APK sizes are growing, we investigated the impact an APKFasak size has on introduce transformation price. We observed that littler APK sizes relate with better introduce transformation fees, with a notably bigger impact on exchange rates for customers in growing markets. The equal variety of designers are shifting their attention towards venture into new markets, especially growing markets, it is essential to take heed to your utility’s size.

Does APK size impact introduce trade price?

To take a look at whether or not APK length demonstrably influences the selections your consumer makes, we dissected the level of customers who effectively delivered an application inside the wake of touring a Play save posting.

… and there may be by means of all accounts some thing to it! Internationally, we see a poor relationship between’s APK estimate and introduce trade fee for programs with sizes below 100MB. For each 6 MB increment to an APK’s size, we see a diminishing within the introduce trade tempo of 1%. In fact as we realize it where showcasing agencies make use of A/B tests to streamline for divisions of improvements in introduce transformation quotes, APK length has a major impact.

A lot of the lower in this exchange charge isn’t simply because of individuals essentially deciding no longer to introduce, yet additionally the introduce now not completing for an collection of reasons. We located that the down load fruition tempo of an utility with an APK size of round 10MB may be ~30% better than an software with an APK size of 100MB.

This may result from:

Individuals thinking about how much records the utility desires to download (and the rate of that records).

To what quantity it’ll take to down load on their mobile system or wifi (frequently individuals have the outlook of “I want the application now!”).Web network gives that emerge for the duration of down load meetings.

Do individuals’ tendencies and transformation rates for APK sizes exchange by using topography?

This is an wonderful inquiry, and they do. APK length has a genuine information cost for some, and numerous people in growing markets want reliable get entry to to wifi.

>50% of Indian and Indonesia Android mobile phone clients don’t have any entrance to wifi. So if a purchaser needs to down load an utility, they probable may be paying information prices for every MB of the APK (Google inside data, 2017).

So also, ~70% of individuals in developing markets take into account the size of an application earlier than downloading it out of concerns for records value and telephone extra room.

We can see these market tendencies happen in the data. For instance, the everyday software APK downloaded in growing markets, for example, by way of people inside the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, are a fourth of the scale of applications downloaded through individuals in created markets, for example, within the US and Western Europe.

Plunging into the transformation fee statistics, there’s a sizable qualification between how people reply to increasing APK estimates in developing markets (like India and Brazil), versus the ones in created markets, (for example, Japan, USA, and Germany).